Brand Response

Advocacy network for a global campaign to promote universal access to contraception

IPPF are a civil society movement that provides and enables services, and champions sexual and reproductive health rights for all.

This year 85 million women and girls will be forced into pregnancy – because they are denied the contraceptive care they want and need. And it’s the world’s poorest women who are most likely to be forced into pregnancy. They can’t say “I Decide”.

IPPF commissioned us to build a network of advocacy websites using NationBuilder to support Vision 2020; their global campaign to provide universal access to contraception.

One of the key challenges of the project was building the sites across more than 16 local languages including supporting right to left and left to right options in the theme files.


We also implemented global regional IP redirection across eight different geographies and hemispheres to ensure users were sent to the correct local language version of the campaign.


It was great working with the digital team at IPPF to support such an important cause.